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vacuum emulsifying mixer
vacuum emulsifying mixer [2017-07-11]
The function, classification and selection of dispersant
The function, classification and selection of dispersant [2015-09-12]
Dispersing agent is a kind of interfacial active agent, which has two kinds of opposite properties, which are lipophilic and hydrophilic. Can be uniformly dispersed in the inorganic, organic pigment, which is difficult to dissolve in liquid, solid particles, but also to prevent the deposition of solid particles and coagulation, forming a stable suspension of the required chemicals.
Emulsifying effect
Emulsifying effect [2015-09-12]
Due to the action of surfactants, the two kinds of liquid which can not be mixed together can be mixed together. It is known as the phenomenon of emulsification, which is known as emulsifier,
Application of microemulsion technology
Application of microemulsion technology [2015-09-12]
Microemulsion technology is a new technology, it is by hoar and Schulman discovered in 1943 and in 1959 will oil - water surface active agent - to help surface active agent in the formation of homogeneous system formally named micro emulsion (controlled). According to the properties of surfactants and microemulsion composed of different microemulsion, which has two types of water in oil and oil in water.
Working principle of emulsion dispersion
Working principle of emulsion dispersion [2015-09-12]
The special design of the rotor and the stator in high speed driving of the motor, let be processed material suction rotor. In a short period of time under shear of hundreds of thousands of times, due to the high-speed rotation of the rotor of wire speed and high-frequency mechanical effect brought by the strong momentum
What is mixing and mixing?
What is mixing and mixing? [2015-09-12]
What is mixing and mixing? 1: reduce the system's non homogeneity (phase, temperature, concentration, etc.) to achieve the required process results. 2: quality delivery, heat transfer, reaction and product characteristics as the key objectives.
Latex paint is how to classify?
Latex paint is how to classify? [2015-09-12]
According to the classification of the main film material, the main varieties of domestic latex paint are fluorocarbon coatings, silicone acrylic coatings, acrylic ester and other copolymer, polyvinyl acetate, VAE (vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer), and (vinyl chloride vinyl chloride copolymer).
Vacuum emulsification
Vacuum emulsification [2015-09-12]
Vacuum emulsification boiler: in the high viscosity of the emulsion, especially cream, ointment and other manufacturing process, usually the most problematic is the mixing of the air into the product, mixed with the air to make the product bubble, bacterial contamination and oxidation are caused by quality degradation. Vacuum emulsification pot to solve this problem perfectly, the product will not mix with air bubbles, can produce rich luster, uniform and fine quality products with good ductility.
Mixing of different medium viscosity
Mixing of different medium viscosity [2015-09-12]
Viscosity fluid on the flow resistance, which is defined as: liquid to 1cm / s. The flow velocity, in every 1cm2 plane required shear stress size, said dynamic viscosity to PA B: s as a unit.
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