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  • Silica gel filling and capping machine
  • Silica gel filling and capping machine
  • Silica gel filling and capping machine
  • Silica gel filling and capping machine

Silica gel filling and capping machine

Product classification:
    Silica gel filling and capping machine
    GGY silicone filling capping machine
        300ml silica gel filling and capping machine is our factory specially for the adhesive manufacturers have developed products. This model is mainly used for plastic pipe as quantitative filling packaging containers of silica gel sealing. This machine is successfully solved in the filling for adhesive viscosity, liquidity difference and trace leakage caused by the inaccuracy of the measurement and tailing, drawing and other phenomena. This machine is equipped with an inert gas filling device, so that the silica gel can not be cured in the filling process and storage. This machine is also equipped with pneumatic cap sealing device, to ensure that the package is reliable.
    Main technical parameters:
    1, power supply voltage: 220V
    2, production capacity: 10 ~ 30 branch / points (adjustable)
    3, filling capacity: 200ml ~ 350ml
    4, 40 mm diameter hose specifications: 50 mm
    5, gas source pressure: 5KG/CM2
    6, machine weight: 500kg
    7, appearance size: 500 x 500 x 1900 (mm)
    8, gas consumption: 0.3M3/min
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