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Knowledge of liquid filling machine

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:41:59
 Classification of liquid filling machine is as follows:
Liquid filling machine according to the filling principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, filling machine and vacuum filling machine; it is applicable to a wide range of applications in many industries, in the production process of liquor has been used for a long time.
Atmospheric pressure filling machine is under the pressure of the liquid by liquid self filling. This kind of filling machine is divided into two kinds of regular filling and constant volume filling, which is only suitable for filling low viscosity liquid, such as milk, wine, etc..
Pressure filling machine is filling in higher than that under atmospheric pressure, can be divided into two kinds: a kind is equal to the pressure of liquid storage cylinder pressure and bottle, by self weight of the liquid into the bottle filling, called isobaric filling; another is liquid storage cylinder pressure is higher than the bottle pressure, liquid by pressure into the bottle, high-speed production line of the this method. Pressure filling machine is suitable for liquid filling with gas, such as beer, soda, champagne, etc..
The vacuum filling machine is the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure filling;
The filling machine has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, the material viscosity can be adapted to a wide range, such as oil, sugar, wine, etc. can be applicable. The process generally is: with empty bottles of boxes stacked on pallets, by belt conveyor sent to the unloading pallets machine will unload the tray one by one, box with the conveying belt sent to the unloading boxes machine, empty bottles are removed from the boxes, empty container by conveyor belt sent to the washing machine box, the clean, and transported to the beside the packing machine, to will be filled with beverage bottle into them.
From the unloading boxes machine out of the empty bottles, by another conveyor belt into the bottle washing machine disinfection and cleaning, the bottle inspection machine inspection, in line with the standards of clean into the filling and capping machine. Drinks by the filling machine into the bottle. Packed beverage bottle capping machine stamped sealed and transported to the labeling machine labeling, post tags evacuation to the packing machine into the box and then sent to the stack of trays stacked on the tray into the storehouse.