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Work flow of vacuum emulsification machine

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:38:49
Working process and principle of vacuum emulsifying machine:
Vacuum emulsifying machine is the material in the vacuum state, the use of high shear emulsification device quickly and evenly distributed in a phase or multiple phases, the use of machinery to bring a strong kinetic energy, so that the material in the narrow gap between the rotor, bearing hundreds of thousands of times a hydraulic shear. Centrifugal extrusion impact ripped, and instantly uniformly dispersed emulsion, after high frequency cycle, finally get no with fine bubbles and stable high-quality products. Vacuum emulsifying machine is mainly made up of the pretreatment pot, the main pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic, electrical control system and so on.
The water pot and pan material is fully dissolved after the vacuum suction main pot mixing, homogenizing. Vacuum emulsifying machine is suitable for biological medicine, food industry, daily chemical products, paint inks, nano materials, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, paper industry, chemical fertilizer, plastic rubber, electric power electron, other fine chemicals, etc..