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The concept of mixing

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:27:59
Mixing is the process of mixing the liquid to make it happen in a way that makes the material mixed evenly or in order to accelerate the operation of the physical and chemical processes. Application of mixing in industrial production:
The dispersion of air bubbles in a liquid, such as air dispersed in the fermentation broth, to provide the required oxygen for the fermentation process;
The droplets dispersed in its immiscible liquids, such as oil dispersed in water emulsion made;
The suspension of solid particles in a liquid, such as adding pigment to the resin solution, in order to modulate the paint;
The mixed liquid miscible, such as dilute solution, or to accelerate the miscible chemical reaction between components.
The mixing can also enhance the heat transfer between liquid and solid surface, and the material is heated evenly.
The movement of the liquid in a stirred tank is divided into general flow and turbulent fluctuation from the scale. The overall flow rate is called circulation, to increase circulation is conducive to improving the smooth degree of macro mixing. The intensity of turbulence is related to the velocity of the fluid leaving the mixer, and the strengthening of the turbulence is conducive to the reduction of the size and the separation strength. Different processes have different requirements for these two kinds of flows. The dispersion of droplets and bubbles requires a strong turbulence; the uniform suspension of solid particles depends on the overall flow. The distribution of energy in these two kinds of flow is an important problem in the design of the agitator.
The density difference, viscosity and interfacial tension of the two phases have a great influence on the operation of the mixture. Density difference and the lower the interfacial tension, system is easier to achieve stable dispersion; viscosity bigger and more conducive to the formation of good circulation and the plenty of turbulent kinetic energy and consumption larger stirring power.
The flow of fluid in stirred tank is a complicated one - phase flow or multi - phase flow. Non Newtonian fluid mixing, in the flow state and power consumption have some special laws. The measurement of the parameters of the fluid flow in the stirred tank, the prediction of the stirring power and the amplification method of the mixing device are important issues in the research and application of the theory.