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Working principle of planetary mixer

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:27:24
 The planetary mixer is a new type of highly efficient chemical homogeneous mixing equipment, which is widely used in mixing, dispersing, dissolving, and so on. The tank stirring paddle like planetary rotation and revolution, make material and horizontal rolling flow, resulting in a very short period of time achieved mixed results. International English name is Planetarymixer.
Double planetary mixer adopts complex technology, such as the geometrical shape design, space layout and speed control based on the mixing blade, so that the function is suitable for a variety of production needs. And can be selected according to different impeller production process and material characteristics (such as: Hemp flowers frame, multi blade type). This machine has great output torque, especially in high viscosity and thixotropy of relatively high material very thorough mixing, such as adhesive, silica gel, lithium-ion battery slurry and; the device can also increase the wall scraping, scraping the bottom, temperature, vacuum and PLC according to the needs of the automatic control system and so on many kinds of functions.
Working principle of planetary mixer
The planetary mixer is composed of a speed reduction motor, a planetary frame, a mixer, a scraper, a material barrel, a hydraulic lift system, and a rack and other components. Planetary frame when rotating, driven by a box of stirring shaft, dispersed axis around the barrel axis of revolution and high-speed rotation, the barrel within a portion of the material along the wall of the bucket as radial turbulence, part along normal direction of twist blade on both sides of the thrown, material that was thrown through the dispersion plate will be high speed rotary dispersion disk for strong shear and scatter. Under the action of the mixing of the impeller and the dispersion of the material, the material can be folded, spread and composite, and can be mixed evenly in a very short time. On the planet with a double planetary mixer, a blade of a knife is rotating along the barrel wall, and the material is driven to the center of the container and the material is not stranded. Equipment through the oil pump control hydraulic rack and lift, control the entire drive mechanism and the working group's movements.
Six axis double planetary mixer Demaishi produced is at present the most efficient mixing equipment.
Demaishi six axis planetary mixer includes two sets of high-speed disperser, two sets of low twist stirring paddle, a revolution scraping the wall, a more accurate revolution temperature measurement system. At present, this process design has reached a very high level of efficiency of the equipment, but this kind of complex structure, the production of the planetary box, space layout, transmission structure and sealing treatment and other requirements, the domestic very few manufacturers can do a good job.
In 2012, Demaishi DEMIX launched the world's first reverse double planetary mixer, we look through our unremitting efforts and customer utmost support. Demaishi products step new level.