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Application of hydraulic system in the field of food machinery

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:24:29
Complied with the time development, popularization of ecological environment well-known concept of honeysuckle, the green plan using in food machinery is the popularity of food machinery industry in the field of practice, green plan applied to food machinery hydraulic system and power system has a very important role.
Hydraulic system is the main system of food machinery, but there are many questions in the system. Such as noise pollution and oil spill pollution questions. These questions will affect food quality evolved into impact on the food industry to carry out the obstacle factors, water, vegetable oil instead of mineral oil on the oil spill pollution concerns, the choice of voice control system can handle noise pollution questions.
Therefore, after many years of industry experience and customer demand to accelerate the water. The study of eco hydraulic systems such as vegetable oil, from the use of the efficiency of investment, improve the existing questions, in the power system of food machinery through the use of a one-time power oil to carry out food production, the same will exist oil spills, noise pollution, thermal pollution, etc..
Green Plan in the food system is the use of electricity to replace oil as food machinery, and continue to speed up the development of vegetable oil, solar, natural gas and hydrogen and other power, so that it can be used in food machinery.
In food machinery and material plan, low energy consumption, low pollution, low cost, easy processing, easy processing, easy recovery of corrosion non-toxic easy cleaning materials, due to the mechanical production of food is to allow consumers to directly to eat, food quality is everybody's health, so in the plan ensure selected food machinery to be safe, green, environmental protection.