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The function, classification and selection of dispersant

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:19:26
 Dispersing agent is a kind of interfacial active agent, which has two kinds of opposite properties, which are lipophilic and hydrophilic. Can be uniformly dispersed in the inorganic, organic pigment, which is difficult to dissolve in liquid, solid particles, but also to prevent the deposition of solid particles and coagulation, forming a stable suspension of the required chemicals.
Mechanism of action
1 adsorbed on the surface of the solid particles, so that the condensed solid particles surface easy to wet.
2 polymer type of dispersant, the surface of the solid particles in the formation of adsorbed layer, so that the surface of the solid particles charge increased, improve the formation of three-dimensional block of particles between the reaction force.
Dispersing agent is used to reduce the time and energy required to complete the dispersion process. The stable dispersion of pigment dispersion, the surface properties of the modified pigment particles, and the movement of pigment particles are embodied in the following aspects:
Shorten the time of dispersion
Enhance gloss
Improve the coloring and hiding power
To improve the color and color of the exhibition
Prevent floating
Prevent flocculation, prevent subsidence
Wetting and dispersing agents: water based coatings are commonly used wetting dispersing agent has the following five categories: anionic, cationic, neutral, multifunctional, non ion. Where the anion is low, the ion in the coating film is easy to move.
Formula of wetting dispersant selection basis: wetting and dispersing agent of molecular structure, molecular weight, hydrophobicity and different, resulting in the wetting and dispersing ability and foam stability, anti settlement, water resistance, and color development of all aspects of strength, and in different types of formulations, wetting dispersant respectively has the stress on the choice.
Internal wall: choose to reduce the viscosity, dispersing ability, P-19, in the high PVC engineering paint system, the selection of dispersant Hydropalat 9040, wetting agent Hydropalat436, to improve the flow of paint.
Exterior wall: anti water, exhibition color, exterior wall system, the use of anti 9020P-998 Hydropalat, H-3204 Hydropalat, 436 wetting, Hydropalat306 improve the stability of the paint, pure acrylic Hydropalat 100, PE-100 Hyonic
Closed primer: Hydropalat 100, or Clercal 800, is used to improve the anti sedimentation effect of the closed primer.
Hydropalat 5050, 110/ Hydropalat Hydropalat 140, which can ensure that the lowest viscosity of coating is dispersed, and not foaming.