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Emulsifying effect

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:18:53
 Due to the action of surfactants, the two kinds of liquid which can not be mixed together are mixed together, which is known as the emulsifying phenomenon, which is also known as emulsifier, which is easy to be absorbed and enriched in the oil-water interface, which can be mixed together with the "oil" and "water".
Play emulsification of emulsion flavor, give drink to the aroma and turbidity, poly glycerin fatty acid ester and Quillaja saponin with high HLB value, modulation into emulsified spice. Add spice and beverage is emulsified acid, and polyglycerol fatty acid esters and glycosides acid soap, which is very suitable. Good hydrophilic and high resistance to the use of lecithin.
Alcoholic drinks, coffee drinks, artificial milk can be used monoglyceride, sorbic sugar alcohol fatty acid anhydride, propylene glycol fatty acid ester, etc. low HLB value of the lipophilic emulsifier and other hydrophilic emulsifier can improve the emulsion stability of the beverage and milk.