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Working principle of emulsion dispersion

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:17:29
 The special design of the rotor and the stator in high speed driving of the motor, let be processed material suction rotor. In a short period of time under shear of hundreds of thousands of times, because of the high-speed rotation of the rotor of wire speed and high-frequency mechanical effect brought by the strong momentum, so that the material in the stator and rotor precision gap by strong machinery and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, high speed impact tear and turbulence division, broken, scattered, so that is not compatible with the material in the moment of uniform and fine to fully dispersed, emulsifying, homogenizing, dissolved. And material turn stator combination in high-speed fell out from, as emulsifying homogenizer with a direction change device, in a specific container materials in the form of left-right turbulence, material after high frequency cycle, finally get steady and high quality products.
In addition, taking into account the special nature of chemical process, the emulsion can be equipped with variable frequency speed control, heating, cooling, pressure, vacuum, and other devices, so that the effect of mixed emulsification is perfect.