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What is mixing and mixing?

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:16:33
 What is mixing and mixing?
1: reduce the system's non homogeneity (phase, temperature, concentration, etc.) to achieve the required process results.
2: quality delivery, heat transfer, reaction and product characteristics as the key objectives.
What are the consequences of mixing and mixing?
It is essential to successfully produce products that meet the process objectives. Production costs will increase significantly if the product fails to achieve the desired yield, quality and performance, but in the process of investment funds and time to improve the mixing and mixing effect, the market may be lost.
The money spent on the production process may be far more than the cost of the mixed problem in the process of fully evaluating and solving the problem. In order to increase the cost of the combined effect, the United States, for example, in the chemical industry, due to the loss of mixing and mixing caused by about 5%. In 1989, the chemical industry lost $10-100. In 1993, a multinational chemical company due to poor mixing results in a loss of $100000000.
Mixed to what extent is enough? When will it be over mixed with low yield and product quality?
It depends on the sensitivity of the product quality and selectivity to the stirring intensity and stirring time. This requires detailed understanding of these processes through experiments or simulations before process development and amplification.
How to solve the problem of the new stirring and mixing?
The first question is "why is there a problem?" And "this question is how the emergence of?". This needs to communicate with the operator and the chemical workers responsible for the process. Then the questions are "how can we do that?"" And "lab and factory conditions how can be so different?"
The importance of these issues may have been underestimated forever. And the majority of engineers are just open to ask the question of geometric similarity and reaction conditions. Good experimental design requires a detailed understanding of the mixing mechanism, so as to get useful results. Engineers may only be in the risk of mixing mechanism.
Range of mixing operation
In many industries, mixing and mixing plays a very important role,:
Fine chemical, agricultural chemical, pharmaceutical industry, petroleum chemical, biological technology, polymerization process, paint and polishing of automobile, cosmetics and consumer goods, food, drinking water and fertilizer and water treatment, paper industry, mining engineering