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Latex paint is how to classify?

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:16:07
According to the classification of the main film material, the main varieties of domestic latex paint are fluorocarbon coatings, silicone acrylic coatings, acrylic ester and other copolymer, polyvinyl acetate, VAE (vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer), and (vinyl chloride vinyl chloride copolymer).
Fluorocarbon coating is a kind of very good paint, fluorine atoms with high electronegativity and very small atomic radius, fluorine resin structure of C-F bond in several carbon compounds in the key to highest, which has the best weather resistance, fluorine resin coating with high hardness and low surface energy, and stain resistance excellent, fluorine resin coating called super durable coatings.
Silicone acrylic paint is a relatively high use of emulsion resin in the domestic high - grade coatings. Scientific research personnel of research and development of silicone modified acrylic emulsion, from molecule design and particle shape design of introducing silicone acrylate, a series of emulsion polymerization is the most advanced technology is used in the polymerization process, such as core-shell polymerization technology, soap free polymerization and cross-linking of technology control and so on, thus giving the emulsion and the coating a series of unique features. Due to oligomerization of silicone and acrylic acid monomer copolymerization, thus forming a special structure of the stable polymer, its permeability, osmotic resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, resistance to fouling performance and low toxicity etc. are better than general acrylic acid resin, and combine the excellent properties of silicone and acrylic acid resin, with water as the dispersion medium, safe and non-toxic. Compounded with the resin coating for all kinds of buildings of the base surface of the concrete, cement mortar base surface and masonry base of inner and outer walls and floors, roof, the moisture proof, anti-aging, high adhesion and gloss and color retention and performance are very prominent. Compared with the currently widely used in building decoration industry and pure acrylic, styrene acrylate and vinyl acetate acrylate coating, the product set the excellent properties of polyacrylate and polysiloxane in a body, have a good film, high adhesion, high water resistance strong pollution resistance, resistance to high and low temperature and strong weathering of, and it has strong self-cleaning function of environmental protection is reached the international level of new products.
Acrylic ester and its main varieties of the main varieties of styrene acrylic latex paint, vinyl acetate acrylate (Yi Bing) latex paint and acrylic (acrylic) latex paint, etc.. At the same time, these types of latex paint and Matt latex paint, semi gloss latex paint and latex paint as hu. Pure acrylic latex in the recent years, the construction market is more widely used, mainly for exterior wall, with good performance, such as durability, decorative, protective, can achieve the desired effect, but it has to be improved in the waterproof performance. Styrene acrylic ester and acrylic ester emulsion, because it is easy to produce "yellow, pink", and the color is not long, so it is mainly used for internal wall.
China will vigorously promote the use of health and environmental protection of new building coatings, highly recommended by the use of fluorocarbon coatings and silicone acrylic coatings, but the use of fluoride resin and other raw materials than the use of silicone resin is more expensive. Therefore, silicone acrylic paint is the more use of the emulsion resin in the domestic high-grade coatings.