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Vacuum emulsification

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:15:28
 Vacuum emulsification boiler: in the high viscosity of the emulsion, especially cream, ointment and other manufacturing process, usually the most problematic is the mixing of the air into the product, mixed with the air to make the product bubble, bacterial contamination and oxidation are caused by quality degradation. Vacuum emulsification pot to solve this problem perfectly, the product will not mix with air bubbles, can produce rich luster, uniform and fine quality products with good ductility.
Characteristics of emulsifying pot:
1) the emulsion pot all and the medium contact place, all use the stainless steel material 304 to make, to the product without any pollution.
2) the homogeneous mixer is arranged in the bottom, and the effect of homogeneous mixing can be fully played when a small amount of production and oil phase are few.
3) strong balance - special curve of rotor with stator with corresponding structure to achieve fluid, high-energy shear, milling, centrifugal to make sure the fine paste.
4) PTFE scraper, ready to meet the shape of the stirred tank, the net wall of the wall material, in order to rapid heat transfer.
5) stepless speed regulation, stirring and assembly, at any time to adjust the speed of mixing, in order to perfect mix.
6) supporting stainless steel water phase dissolved, oil phase dissolved pot, vacuum pump, buffer tank, control box, etc..