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Mixing of different medium viscosity

Article source:人气: date:2015-9-12 15:14:34
 Viscosity fluid on the flow resistance, which is defined as: liquid to 1cm / s. The flow velocity, in every 1cm2 plane required shear stress size, said dynamic viscosity to PA B: s as a unit.
Viscosity is a property of fluid. Fluid flow in the pipeline, there are three kinds of laminar flow, transitional flow, turbulent flow, mixing equipment, also there are three kinds of flow state, and the main parameters that determine the state of the fluid viscosity.
In the mixing process, it is generally believed that the viscosity is less than 5pa B: s for low viscosity fluid, for example: water, castor oil, malt sugar, jam, honey, lubricating oil, low viscosity emulsion; 5-50Pa B: s in the viscosity of the fluid, such as ink, toothpaste and other; 50-500Pa B: s for high viscosity fluid, such as chewing gum, plasticized sol, solid fuel etc.; greater than 500pa B: s for extra high viscosity fluid for example: rubber mixture, melt plastic and silicone.
For low viscosity medium, with a small diameter of the high speed of the mixer will be able to drive around the fluid circulation, and to the distance. The fluid of high viscosity medium is not, need to be driven directly by the agitator.
For use on the impeller of the low viscosity and viscous fluid with paddle type, open type of turbine, push type, long thin leaf propeller, turbine disc, Bruma gold type, frame paddle, clover after bending, MIG type and so on. The impeller is suitable for high viscosity and high viscosity fluid with spiral impeller, screw, anchored, frame type propeller, etc.. Some of the fluid viscosity with the reaction to change, it is required to use the field of wide viscosity of the impeller, such as pan type impeller, etc..